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7 Simple-N-Easy ways to
ENTER  the Forex Market.
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    The only difference between successful traders and unsuccessful traders is where they
    place their STOPS, where they EXIT and where they ENTER their deals. This Forex course
    addresses the most important aspect which is where to                            
    Learn how to:

  1. Use the 7 major techniques of entering the Forex market
  2. Know which are the best ENTRY techniques and ENTRY indicators to use and
    when to use them
  3. Know which indicators to use to ENTER a trending market
  4. Use Price patterns to use to ENTER a trending market
  5. ENTER at turning points in the market
  6. Find out which indicators to use to ENTER turning points in the market
  7. Use No stop, Hedged, Grid trading to ENTER the market
  8. Use the markets current order flow to ENTER markets
  9. ENTER using time based trades
  10. Identify the major breakout price patterns to ENTER the market
  11. Use wave counts to find trading ENTRIES
  12. Use confirmations and filters to add certainty to your ENTRIES
  13. Find great breakout ENTRY opportunities and how to trade them
  14. Use price action and market behaviour to ENTER trades.
  15. Use Candle stick formations to ENTER transactions.
  16. Use Bollinger Bands and Multiple Moving average techniques to find explosive
    market ENTRIES.
  17. Add much, much, more.............

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